Valley Center Pivots

Nozzle Control

Pressure Regulators and Flow Control

Ensure uniform water application, even on hilly or rolling terrain. A properly selected pressure regulator at the base of each sprinkler or spray nozzle will provide a constant flow rate over wide variations in elevation and changes in friction factors of aging spanpipe.

Valley “All Range” Regulators

  • 0.5 to 15 gpm (,03-,95 lps) capability
  • Available in 6 to 30 psi (0,4-2,1 bar) outlet pressures
  • Valley offers the proper regulator application to meet your requirements


  • Low flow / Medium flow / High flow series
  • 0.1 to 32 gpm (.032 to 1.26 lps) capability


  • Low flow / High flow series
  • 0.5 to 20 gpm (.006 to 2.02 lps) capability