Valley Center Pivots

Sprinkler Options


Gentle, Rain-like Application
With the i-Wob, water reaches the ground in a gentle rain-like manner. It doesn’t dissolve clods and seal-over the soil like other ordinary products. This helps water soak in and keeps the soil structure fit for proper root development.

  • Better infiltration
  • Less drift
Senninger® i-Wob®

  • Gentle application
  • Low-medium application rate
  • 10-20 psi (,7-1,4 bars)
  • 50-55′ (15,2-16,8 m) wetted diameter

Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA

A complete water management system with low-energy requirements that eliminates drift and offers advanced placement with its drop-tube design.

  • No drift
  • No water on foliage

  • Minimize erosion to furrow blocks
  • Least cost
  • 6-15 psi (,4-1,0 bar)

Senninger® Quad Spray®

  • Very high application rate
  • Two bubble modes eliminate misting and reduce soil redistribution
  • 6-15 psi (,4-1,0 bar)



Delivers the best soil infiltration through the largest wetted diameter.

  • Best Infiltration
  • Brass or plastic
  • High angle, low angle or part circle

  • High angle
  • Sturdy brass drive arm
  • 25-60 psi (1,7-4,1 bars)
  • 100′ (30,5 m) wetted diameter


  • Wide variety of deflector pads for a choice of spray patterns
  • 6-40 psi (,4-2,8 bars)
  • 40′ (12,2 m) wetted diameter