Valley Center Pivots

Center Drive

The Valley® Center Drive is designed and built to work better and work harder. With the helical cut, hardened steel gears provide maximum efficiency and torque characteristics. Our custom designed Center Drive includes attention to all the details that ensure the long life and durability that is important to you.

01. Stator

Can be replaced independent of rotor and is held in place with corrosion-resistant stainless steel bolts for easy maintenance.

02. Pinion gear

Integral with motor shaft.

03. 25° tooth angle

Provides 40% greater load capacity and wear resistance than other manufacturers’ 14° tooth angles.

04. Double output shaft seals

05. Built-in crop guard over U-joint

Prevents crop wrapping in or near oil seals.

06. Case-hardened steel helical gears

More teeth in mesh at all times for smoother power transmission. Gears require fewer reductions, fewer gears, fewer shafts and bearings. Fewer reductions also mean greater operating efficiency.

07. Drain plug

Easily accessible, extra large.

08. Finned aluminum housing

For cool-running efficiency. Operates at temperatures 20°F (11°C) lower than comparable motors with steel housing, because the Valley aluminum housing and fins dissipate heat more effectively. This doubles insulation life and increases motor life.

09. Exclusive junction box seal and internal vent

Keeps motor lead connections dry.

10. Extra-large motor bearing

For reliable motor performance.

11. Large 1 3/16″ motor shaft