Valley Controls


Valley Pro2 Control Panel

Irrigation Technology at Its Best

The GPS Ready Valley Pro2 control panel gives you a simple set of tools for the highest level of control and monitoring, both in the field and remotely. Precisely manage your chemigation and fertigation with the exclusive, patent-pending Cruise Controlâ„¢ feature. The Cruise Control feature offers automatic speed adjustment of your center pivot based on completing a defined number of degrees in a specific amount of time.

Additional features of the Pro2 include:

  • Programmable functions based on time, date, and position
  • Precisely apply water, fertilizers, and chemicals
  • Flowmeter option helps track your overall water usage
  • Backlit screen display
  • Advanced sensory and auxiliary functions
  • Advanced field diagnostics
  • 5-year industry exclusive warranty

The Pro2 Panel can utilize the most advanced functions of TrackerSP and the BaseStation2.