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GPS Position

GPS Ready Controls – Technology making you more efficient

A patented GPS Ready control panel means that the GPS position calculations are performed right in the control panel. There is no need for a separate computer on the machine because a Valley computerized control panel utilizes its built-in computing power.

GPS Ready Control Panels give growers another choice in monitoring where your irrigation machines are in the field:

  • Add-on GPS Positioning packages available for pivots and linears
  • Requires a GPS Ready control panel – Pro2 or AutoPilot
  • Accurate GPS position information gathered from the cart for linears or the last drive unit for pivots
  • WAAS  (Wide Area Augmentation System) enabled Garmin receiver provides accuracy of +/- 10 feet (3 meters) with most installations at greater accuracy

GPS Ready controls now mean growers can easily take advantage of the benefits that GPS Technology offers:

  • Enhanced management capabilities
  • Precision application of water, fertilizers and crop inputs
  • Higher yield potential and lower input costs

Producers can program GPS Ready control panels to apply different levels of water, fertilizers or other inputs within the same field based on data the GPS receiver collects and feeds to the control panel. In turn, producers don’t have to invest in applying inputs where they aren’t needed or can apply extra if required. GPS Ready technology for center pivots and linears provides growers with better management tools and with the high costs of fuel, fertilizer, water and other inputs, this technology is a logical choice.

Pro2 control panels for center pivots and AutoPilot control panels for linears are currently shipped as “GPS Ready”. Additionally, your existing Pro2 or AutoPilot control panel can be upgraded with software to be “GPS Ready”.