Valley Controls

BaseStation 2-SM

Irrigation Management to Save Water, Time and Labor at Your Fingertips

BaseStation2-SM is centralized irrigation management from your office computer that combines the ability to monitor soil moisture status with remote monitoring/control of center pivot and linear irrigation equipment. Whether you are looking to monitor one to several irrigation machines, BaseStation2-SM gives you flexibility and reporting mechanisms like no other. The new BaseStation2-SM is a full computer equipment package with pre-loaded software that functions with new and existing Valley equipment as well as some non-Valley panels and auxiliaries.

Utilizing BaseStation2-SM, a grower can follow the status of each center pivot or linear machine and control its operation based on soil moisture data received from Watermark sensors from IRROMETER®. Unlike other products on the market that require the user to switch back and forth between two or more software programs, the BaseStation2-SM software allows the monitoring and control of the equipment along with soil moisture sensing information. One glance at the main status screen can provide the user with quick notification if any field is approaching a cautionary status range for soil moisture.

BaseStation2-SM – individually engineered from Valley

  • Reliable, private radio telemetry offers real time data
  • Soil moisture data received from Watermark® soil moisture sensors
  • Receive alarm messages by cell phone, text message, or email
  • Control pivots, check status, monitor and control pumps, valves and other devices
  • Generate reports to support your farm management
  • PanelLink™ integrates non-Valley control panels and non-computerized Valley control panels
  • Turn your pivots off or on.
  • Control your end guns.
  • Switch direction of your pivot.
  • Change pivot speed.
  • Change water depth.

Valley PanelLink for BaseStation2-SM

Now you can expand your Valley BaseStation further. This BaseStation feature allows you to control and monitor your mechanical control panels-Valley and other brands, as well as computerized non-Valley panels.

Now Monitor and Control your total farm operation

  • Connect to mechanical panels (Classic & ClassicPlus)
  • Connect to non-Valley control panels
  • Battey backup ensures alarm calls if power is lost


  • Power
  • Run Status with Direction
  • Position (Time Calculated)
  • Percent Timer
  • Water On/Off
  • Pressure/Voltage (Optional)



  • Start – Forward & Reverse
  • Stop
  • Percent Timer Bypass
  • Auxiliary On/Off