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VRI Optimization

CropMetrics VRI Optimization

Winner of the 2011 IA New Product Contest!

CropMetrics® VRI Optimization along with the CropMetrics Virtual Agronomist Pro (VA Pro) program, will identify optimal number and placement of the Valley VRI Zones or Speed Control sections and then generate the prescription to match. VA Pro is the industry’s first, fully automated VRI Rx generation tool that combines all your field’s most important agronomic data layers to more precisely establish an optimal VRI solution.

CropMetrics VRI Optimization offers:

  • EM Survey and RTK elevation field data collection
  • Complete multi-layer data processing
  • VRI Optimization report with advanced analysis and Zone Control design and recommendation
  • VRI Speed Control prescriptions – compatible with Valley Pro2 and Select2 Control Panels
  • VRI Zone Control prescriptions – compatible with Valley Pro2 Control Panels

CropMetrics can use existing EM/EC field data when available. Services may be limited by location. For more
information and to inquire about services in your area, go to