Valley Irrigation Pakistan (Private), Limited can provide a complete range of services required by all farmers, big or small, including DGPS boundary survey, soil and water analysis, irrigation system installation and commissioning, irrigation equipment warranty service, contract maintenance agreements, preparation of operating budgets and feasibility studies, Farm development with our machines and farm management.

DGPS Boundary Surveys

We have the latest High Accuracy Differential GPS Receivers and V-Map Software to survey the boundaries and features of your field to within 1 meter accuracy. Whether the boundary is accessible by car, 4-wheel drive jeeps, or your farm tractor, our equipment will ride along and generate the digital map of your fields in minutes. The software then assists in selecting and positioning the exact equipment to meet your specific requirements.

Soil and Water Analysis

Our survey crew will take soil and water samples during the boundary survey using the industry standard procedures. The analysis will be provided in a timely manner to assist your agronomist in selecting the fertilizer program for your selected crops.

Installation and Commissioning of Mechanical Move Irrigation (MMI) Systems

Our Installation Department will schedule the unloading of the containerized shipment of your equipment, assemble the machines and then commission the systems in full operation. Your operators will be trained during the assembly and commissioning of the equipment to be able to operate all of the features of the equipment, to perform preventative maintenance, and simple troubleshooting techniques.

Warranty Service

With proper preventative maintenance, the irrigation equipment is almost trouble free, however, should any problem arise during the first year’s operation that your operators can not solve, our Irrigation Service Department will have a serviceman on your site to rectify the problem within a day if not within hours.

Maintenance Contracts

Our Irrigation Service Department will be happy to present you with a proposal to provide periodic and casual maintenance for your seasonal or annual requirements.

Preparation of Operational Budgets and Feasibility Studies

Our application engineers, agronomists, and farm managers have the experience necessary to assemble the operational budgets or feasibility studies that you require for your long term planning, justification for equipment purchase or required for financial packages.

Farm Management

Our of farm management services range from consultation to installing a complete farm management team for your project. Discuss your requirements with us for a solution to best suit your needs.

Farm Development

We give farm development services including land clearing, land preparation, seeding  and for forage projects including NIR analysis.