Davis Weather Stations for Precision Agriculture

Whether it’s soybeans, wine grapes, or turf, today’s growers have moved beyond the days when managing the effects of weather was a matter of experience, guessing, and hoping. They now wear more than just their favorite farmer’s hat: they are also meteorologists, hydrologist, plant physiologist, soil scientists, entomologists, and environmental scientists. (Not to mention business managers, financial officers, and mechanical engineers!)

Davis has made part of that job a bit simpler by creating a sophisticated weather system can give the grower the real-time and historical┬ámeteorological┬ádata he needs to grow with the least waste and greatest yield. Add powerful software, and the grower is no longer making his best guess at irrigation, growing degree days, or spraying schedules. The data is specific to the grower’s farm, not to the farm down the road or some spot miles away near the airport. Davis Instruments is on the leading edge of agricultural weather products for modern farmers, at surprisingly affordable prices.