Component Details

From pivot point to end tower, the entire Valley® structure is engineered, constructed and field tested to handle the normal operating stresses that your machine may experience in its lifetime. Valley structures stand up to the toughest loads produced by tough terrain, furrows and long-span machines. Hot-dip galvanizing provides the best overall corrosion protection available today. No wonder Valley pivots, corners and linears command the highest resale value in the industry.

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Valley® Gearboxes…Built to Last

The Valley® Gearbox is designed with a stronger, heavier bull gear…pre-loaded worm gear…and new shaft seals that keep oil in and problems out. A heavy-duty bronze bull gear is an available option for severe applications.

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Valley® Center Drive…Engineered for Reliable Service

The Valley® Center Drive is built stronger, lasts longer and uses less energy than other irrigation drive motors. The standard-speed motor has the lowest power requirements in the industry. The high-speed motor has a nine-hour rotation. Valley Center Drives are designed for easy maintenance in the field.

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