Valley Center Pivots

Drive Unit

Full wraparound leg attachment brackets, with welded gussets, support pipeline.Heavy-duty drive unit gussets eliminate pipeline twist, reducing stress at drive unit attachment.
Helical gear center drive, high-efficiency motor and built-in crop guard to protect seals, help eliminate downtime and ensure efficient operation of your Valley machine.Valley® flex-joint ball hitch assembly allows side to side, up and down and rotational movement with no stress on pipeline.
A full set of braces on each side of the drive unit ensures stable operation under field conditions.Tower supports are round tubes tied to the truss rods for additional support when going over ridges or rough terrain.
Overhung load on the Valley Gearbox is minimal – for less wear and longer shaft life.The drive unit leg mounting brackets on the base beam are integrated into the gearbox mounting. This allows transfer of span weight to the ground, minimizing load on the base beam.