Valley Center Pivots


Quality Components

Our exclusively designed collector ring is sealed to avoid water contact. Stainless steel J-pipe ensures a long service life.
Thick-walled tube braces and lateral and radial welds give additional stability to the Valley® span.
Large transition radius and uniform loading truss rod heads mean a lower concentration of stress and longer life.
  Valley® truss rods are forge-formed with more material and rounded corners where the stress occurs. Full contact of truss rod head in the socket ensures even loading.
  Full wraparound leg attachment brackets at each drive unit provide added strength. Heavy-duty gussets eliminate pipeline twist.
  Ball & socket hitch facilitates movement in all directions: side to side, up and down and rotation. The design minimizes stress on the pipelline while ensuring maximum flexibility and durability.

Structure Options

Ultra-High Profile and High-Profile Pivot and Drive Units
Provide increased crop clearance.
Ultra-High Profile clearance: 16′ 3″ – 16′ 6″
High-Profile clearance: 13′ 0″ – 13′ 3″

Low-Profile Pivot and Drive Units
When standard clearances are not required.
Low-Profile clearance: 6′ 2″ – 6′ 5″