Irrigation Equipment

Center pivot technology has changed the face of the earth. Literally. Aerial photos fifty years ago didn’t show fields as they are today. Now the countryside, especially in the arid climates of the world, is dotted with circles. Circles of production that preserve our food supply, conserve our water, and just make life easier and more profitable for those who grow the world’s food.

Water conservation is top priority and therefore our focus is for more crop per drop. The world’s water supply is limited, and clearly, irrigation is key to being able to feed today’s world. Mechanized irrigation (center pivot and linear machines) provide the ability to save the most water for the money. Center pivots have the capability to provide up to 95% water efficiency, compared to the 50% efficiency typical in flood or gravity flow irrigation.

And let’s talk profits. Typically, a grower will be able to pay for the pivot within about 3 years, using increased profits. Pivots deliver higher yields. They use less labor, and pumping costs are often lower.