Valley Center Pivots

Corner Swing Arm

Valley® Corners Maximize the Productivity of Your Land

Since its 1974 introduction, the Valley® corner machines have been irrigating square, rectangular and odd-shaped fields…efficiently and economically. The steerable corner arm lets you match the unit to your field’s configuration. You can order your Valley corner configured to specifically match the needs of your field.

Precision Corner™ Swing Arm

Corner Arm Connection

  • Low-profile flexible joint connects corner arm to the basic unit.
  • Rugged design to handle stress.

Sprinkler Sequencing

  • Each sprinkler’s on-off sequencing is controlled for accurate water application.
  • Dependable, triple-walled hydraulic tubing connects sequencing control with sprinkler control valves.
  • Solenoid valves for long life and uniform sprinkler application.

Guidance System

  • Forward and reverse guidance antennas provide accurate tracking in both directions.
  • An independent antenna monitors guidance signal strength and the unit’s path for additional safety.
  • Low-voltage monitor and high-voltage suppressors protect guidance components.

Uniform Water Application

Sprinkler sequencing is no longer just monitoring the corner angle and arbitrarily turning on the sprinklers. Sequencing is now optimized by Compu-Spray™ software that accurately calculates the area being irrigated under the corner arm, based on corner angle, pivot length and current status. More sprinkler sequences improves water application uniformity and delivers better crop yields.

Uniform Chemical Application

Crop protection chemicals and fertilizers can now be uniformly distributed using a fixed-rate chemical injection pump. In the “Chemigate” mode, software continuously adjusts the speed, based on the area being irrigated.

Travels Over High Slopes

The Valley Precision Corner Swing Arm handles the same field slopes as all other span joints. Wider wheelbase gives more stability for rough ground applications.

Irrigates the Whole Field

Longer 205′ (62,4 m) span (287 ‘ [87,4 m] with overhang) provides greater coverage. The Valley Precision Corner Swing Arm can lead or trail to better fit special-shaped fields.

Faster Revolution Time

Modern technology yields faster revolution time. Easily adapts to standard or high-speed operation. New variable-speed drives ensure reliable, high-speed operation even over rolling terrain and deep furrows.

Electronic Diagnostics

Easy-to-use control panels on the Valley Precision Corner Swing Arm indicate the cause of safety shutdowns. Test switches provide a quick check of proper sprinkler operation. LED screen is easy to read in all light conditions. Rocker switches allow operator to recover from safety shutdown without a service call.