Valley Center Pivots


Linear Irrigation – Increase Productivity

Linear irrigation offers great advantages of coverage and flexibility not found in other irrigation systems. These advantages can increase your field’s potential and your bottom line. However, not all fields are suited for linear irrigation. Consider the complete irrigation system, including water source, delivery and field application.


  • Maximize irrigated area by irrigating 92 to 98% of a square or rectangular field.
  • Reduce labor expenses by 50% compared with surface.
  • Deliver lower rates of water as compared to the outer portion of a pivot helping to eliminate runoff when irrigating on certain soils.
  • Utilize multiple-function irrigation equipment to provide chemigation, fertigation, germination and leaching.

NEW Rainger™ basic cart features:

  • Five inch tube frame
  • Same frame used for ditch feed and hose drag linears
  • Option to add the features you need
  • Auxiliary platform.


 Rainger ditch feed with auxillary platform and chemigation  Rainger hose drag with cart mounted booster pump  Two Wheel with genset



Designed for swing-around applications. A perfect option to reduce your per acre (ha) investment.

  • Automated option
  • Automatically transitions from linear to pivot mode and back again

Universal Hose Drag

  • Easy swing-around capabilities
  • Eight span maximum
  • Furrow, above or below ground guidance

Universal Ditch Feed

  • Side ditch suction
  • Above or below ground guidance
  • No priming required

Valley Pro2 AutoPilot Option

  • The Pro2 AutoPilot starts at point A and travels straight down the field while irrigating.
  • The machine pivots to irrigate the end of the field up to the edge of the forest.
  • The Pro2 AutoPilot reverses direction and runs dry back to point B.
  • It pivots dry.
  • It pivots and irrigates the edge of the field.
  • The machine changes to linear mode and travels straight down the field while irrigating.
  • It pivots at point C to irrigate to the edge of the road.
  • The Pro2 AutoPilot reverses direction and runs dry.
  • It pivots dry back to point A.

General Features

  Ditch Feed Hose Drag
Water source Ditch or canal Pressurized hose
Power source Cart mounted genset Cart mounted genset or power cord
Guidance Above- or below- ground cable or furrow Above- or below- ground cable or furrow
Typical field sizes 320-1,500 acres 130-607 hectares 10-240 acres 4-97 hectares
Typical flow rates 500-4,500 gpm 32-284 lps 200-1,400 gpm 12-88 lps