Valley Center Pivots


Designed to address the needs of growers with small fields or limited access to electricity, the Valley ® Spinner offers all of the structural and mechanical advantages of Valley ® center pivot irrigation. A single span and tower is hydraulically driven by irrigation water.

The thrust produced by the water discharging from the nozzles mounted on the 4 spinner arms rotates the spinner drive shaft and thus provides torque to the input shaft of the center drive gearbox to power the irrigation system.

The Valley ® Spinner allows growers to apply water more precisely than flood irrigation allowing for better crop performance and savings in time, labor and money.

The Valley ® Spinner gives growers the ability to turn small pieces of ground into productive fields with increased yield and profitability.


Spinner Hub & Hose Swival Center Drive Gearbox


One galvanized 5″ (127mm) diameter x 198.9′ (60.63m) span with 74′ (22.55m) overhang standard Fits easily into small fields. 5.4 acres(2.2 hectares) hectare coverage under the structure. Maximum 8.7 acres(3.37 hectares) coverage with end gun
Hydraulically driven with irrigation water No electrical power required. Saves on installation costs.
Low pressure operation. 30 psi / 2 bar minimum requirement Reduces pumping costs.
Any sprinkler available Wide choice of water application technology to efficiently meet the grower’s specific requirement for crops, soil conditions, and the climate.
High speed center gearbox standard 11.25 : 1 Gearbox ratio allows for reduced rotation times required for difficult soils.


2-Wheel E-Z tow pivot Moves easily between fields. Increases utilization of irrigation equipment with 2-4 settings possible. Reduces equipment cost per irrigated hectare.
4-Wheel E-Z tow fixed pivot
4-Wheel E-Z tow swivel pivot
Skid tow pivot
Center gearbox ratio options Standard speed 11.25:1 and slow speed 21:1 ratios available.