Valley Controls


Valley TouchProâ„¢ Control Panel with GPS

The most advanced control panel designed to simplify programming.

The new Valley TouchPro control panel provides users with powerful, user friendly control of Valley Center Pivots. The Touch technology allows growers to custom-configure the full-color main screen. It features improved controls:

  • load management programming
  • a graphic view of the pivot position
  • end gun positions and wide boundary positions.

The Valley TouchPro is designed specifically to meet extreme temperatures, high humidity and transient voltage requirements. Growers can precisely apply water, fertilizers, and chemicals while reducing water usage, energy consumption and energy costs.

The Valley TouchPro control panel can utilize the most advanced remote monitoring and control functions of the Valley BaseStation2-SM and TrackerSP, giving you round-the-clock updates and control options from your home office computer, cell phone or Internet. This product comes with a 5-year industry exclusive warranty.