Valley Controls


Remotely and Efficiently Manage Center Pivots and Linears

Valley TrackNET is a family of web-based irrigation management tools that offer farmers the ability to efficiently monitor and manage any brand of center pivot and linear, as well as Valley auxiliary equipment, from the convenience of their Smartphone, tablet, and laptop.  TrackNET products are available in multiple languages.

TrackNET product features include:

  • Turning machines on/off
  • Programming application depths
  • Monitoring chemigation
  • Uploading Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) prescriptions
  • Viewing historical information and weather reports

Tracker Mobile

Tracker Mobile retrieves monitoring and control options from TrackNET products.  It conveniently sends the information to a grower’s Smartphone or tablet, allowing a grower to remotely view the status of all center pivots in his operation.  Tracker Mobile performs all control and monitoring options currently available with the TrackerLT and TrackerSP.  To view an online demo of the Tracker Mobile, visit