Valley Center Pivots

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Remotely Monitor Your Center Pivot Tire Pressure

Most flat tires are not detected until the center pivot stops. This could completely ruin the tire, its rim, and wheel gearbox, therefore resulting in costly replacement parts to keep the pivot functioning.

The Valley Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is the first product in the mechanized irrigation industry that monitors tire pressure on a center pivot.

About Valley TPMS:

  • Available to use with the Valley Pro2 control panel and BaseStation2-SM
  • Includes a pressure sensor that is installed on each tire
    • Identifies specific tire and its location
  • TPMS tower box is installed on every third tower (16 tower limit)
  • Detects slow leaking tires in advance of a flat tire
  • Prevents tire, rim, and/or wheel gearbox damage
  • Extends the life of the tire
  • WAE logoLess irrigation down time due to low or flat tires
  • Allows you to schedule the machine to stop in a convenient location to inflate or repair tire(s)
  • Optional water pressure sensor for the end tower is available