Water Conservation

Circles of Life

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Growing More Food with Less Water

“A particularly difficult challenge will be to improve the efficiency of agriculture water use to maintain crop yields and output growth while at the same time allowing reallocation of water from agriculture to rapidly growing urban and industrial uses. How this will be managed could determine the world’s ability to feed itself.”

Mark Rosegrant
International Food Policy Research Institute
International Irrigation Management Institute
May 1997

Water Scarcity & Modern Irrigation

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Gone is the era when humanity can pretend that water defies the principles of economics.

The water demand of our thirsty cities, factories, and farms will soon exceed the available water supply. Despite these pressures, society keeps water prices very low. The economics of water could soon lead to crisis of war in many parts of the world.

Agriculture has the greatest potential for solving the problem of global water scarcity. Since agricultural irrigation accounts for more than 65% of fresh water usage, improving irrigation efficiency is the most important step toward addressing human water needs.

Technology offers modern methods for irrigating crops efficiency. Mechanical move Irrigation uses only half as much water as traditional flood irrigation and produces higher crop yields.

Employing modern irrigation technologies appropriately is key to overcoming the critical challenge of global fresh water scarcity.