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Design/Build/ Finance/Operate

Finding solutions to help businesses and communities “take the waste out of water” is what CES is all about. Thanks to our design/build/finance/operate approach, CES is able to tailor a solution that’s right for you — using any combination of professional design work, equipment supply, construction, financing and system operations. System owners may choose whether or not to own, operate, lease, or lease-to-buy the completed project, and CES can even arrange financing. CES is also available to serve these clients by offering complete professional waste management and reuse services.

CES design-build approach gives owners control over quality, while greatly simplifying management. This approach…

  • Provides a single point of responsibility for construction work;
  • Accelerates project completion time by 20 to 40 percent;
  • Increases overall savings; and
  • Lets you concentrate on your core business.

Design/build/finance/operate packages from CES provide complete solutions to wastewater management. These turnkey systems ensure environmental compliance while providing low monthly costs. In addition, CES design/build/finance/operate options can…

  • Reduce capitalization costs;
  • Reduce management costs;
  • Ensure operating results;
  • Provide environmental compliance; and
  • Reduce exposure risks.