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How It’s Used



From small villages to large metropolitan areas, Valley equipment is used to apply wastewater from municipal facilities to thousands of acres of land, providing responsible solutions to the wastewater management issues every city faces.

  • Valley equipment helps growers meet water needs and nutrient requirements when effluent is used to produce forage and field crops, increasing yields and profits.
  • City benefits from lower-cost system.
  • Environment benefits from elimination of discharge to streams.
  • CES can provide complete system design, permitting, construction and operations for wastewater reuse systems with environmental guarantees.


  • Industrial facilities directly benefit from effective wastewater management by CES and Valley irrigation equipment.
  • Reduces or eliminates discharge of wastewater into overloaded municipal facilities and/or streams.
  • Potential to reduce capital investment required for conventional treatment facilities.
  • CES offers over 25 years of experience and turnkey water reuse services with options for leasing.

Industries turning wastewater into an asset are:

  • Meat packers and vegetable processors
  • Paper, pulp and wood product manufacturers
  • Electrical generators and oil and gas producers


The agricultural industry realizes significant benefits from the effective management and distribution of wastewater.

  • Livestock confinement facilities use pivots to handle liquid manure and help meet EPA and state environmental standards.
  • Plant nutrients in wastewater reduce the need for commercial fertilizer.
  • A Valley pivot or linear unit can be used for multiple purposes – to apply wastewater, fresh water and crop chemicals.
  • CES’ Nutrient Manager provides comprehensive environmental support.